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  • Getting Started With Rozie

  • EZ Sales

  • Adding Rozie Followers

  • 2019 Subscription Plans

  • Rozie Teams


Innovative Features


Smart Inventory

Each night our systems review the day's sales activity to create a history of an individual buyer's shopping activities

Sales History

Rozie uses the shopping app to track the activity and shopping patterns of each individual.

Customized Shopping

Newly uploaded inventory, seasonal items, and inventory matching a buyer's previous purchase patterns are shown first before all other inventory.

Stale Inventory Eliminated

Inventory shown to the shopper many times but not selected is shown last.

High Percentage Inventory

This results in high percentage inventory being seen 1st which increases the shopping experience and potential sales.


Features available via Rozie Analytics (Coming Soon)


Automation Everywhere

We've worked hard to eliminate as many labor intensive steps as possible, through the use of 1-time setup proccesses

Online Sales

  • Sales that start themselves
  • Sales that end themselves


  • Start of sale
  • Claimed item status updates
  • Chat received


  • Inventory uploads required only ONE time


  • Business totals + Ledger
  • Paid items auto added to your ledger
  • Shipping fees auto added to your ledger


More time to spend with your family and promoting your business


Searchable Inventory

Rozie allows buyers to filter sale items by more than just style and size, and also search by unicorn description.

Shopping Filters

Unlike a facebook multi-sale, Rozie allows the buyer to use filters to find specific inventory items by more than just style and size.

  • Style/Size
  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Unicorn Description

Rozie Remembers Your Sizes

The Rozie shopping app allows the user to keep a list of people they typically shop for and their sizes.

Automatic Filtering

Rozie uses this info to automatically filter on the sizes of the person that is being shopped for.


Quick and easy shopping creates a pleasant customer experience


Advertising Tools

Easily get your facebook followers to follow you on the shopping app

Follow Me

We provide everything you need to create a Facebook post telling your followers how to download the shopping app and add you as their consultant.

Follow My Sale

Easily advertise your Rozie multi-sales on Facebook as well.

Customized Facebook Ad Images

Rozie provides you with custom advertising images containing your name and consultant code.

Customized Facebook Ad Text

Rozie provides you with custom Facebook post messages with easy to follow instructions.


Add new Buyers and Consultants to your network through Facebook Posts


EZ Single Sales

Starting an EZ-Single immediately starts a sale on the shopping app that contains just your inventory

Started with a single click

An EZ-Single sale is started from the consultant app with a single click

Automatic Advertising

Rozie sends a notification to each of your followers letting them know that your sale is now available on the shopping app.

It couldn't be easier

All of your inventory will be available in the sale for claiming as soon as you press start.

Ended with a single click

The sale is set to automatically end after X hours, however, you always have the choice to end the sale sooner.


Easy 1-click sceduling of a sale


EZ Multi Sales

An EZ-Multi is a one-time multi-sale who's consultants are randomly matched together by Rozie

Started with a single click

An EZ-Multi sale is requested from the consultant app with a single click

Random Consultants

Consultants from across the country are grouped together to form special one-time VIP sale(s) on the shopping App.

Random Shoppers

Only the followers of the consultants participating in the sale will be invited to this VIP sale.


Consultants sell to new shoppers. Shoppers get to shop from never before seen inventory.


Reach new shoppers that have never seen your inventory