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Why RoziePro?

01. Professional Selling Tools

The RoziePro website and app contain a unique and effective set of tools that help eliminate the time and effort required to sell online

02. Professional Shopping

The Rozie Shopping app contains professional features missing from Facebook that make shopping easy

03. Measurable Results

Rozie Pro has six sale types, automated sales, marketing and analytics which together help increase your monthly sales

What's Inside

04. Claimed Items Only    :-)

RoziePro is a NON-ecommerce solution that exactly mimics the Facebook model being used today to host multi-consultant temporary sales

05. One-Time Setup (Fast)

Quickly upload your inventory images, and add your named sales to a weekly schedule. Then sit back and let Rozie do the rest!

06. Automation (Easy)

Sales that start and end themselves. Automatic status updates sent to customers, and a sales finance ledger