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ROZIE PRO - Consultant Selling Tools


This website is your main center for manging inventory, creating and scheduling online sales, managing claimed items, finances as well as all other adminsitrative activities, preferences and subscriptions.

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The consultant's mobile app is used to communicate with your shoppers, manage claimed items, update your scheduled sales. and track your financial transactions.

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Rozie Analytics

This proprietary sales logic system is used to track each shopper's sales activities. The information is then used during future sales visits to create a customized buying experienece based an individual shopper's likes and dislikes.

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ROZIE - Our Free Shopping App

This app is used to shop the temporary sales that the consultant(s) create using the RoziePro Tools

Shopping App Advantages

  • Notification of upcoming sales
  • Direct communication with consultants
  • Sale item searching and filtering
  • Claimed item status updates
  • Claimed item history
  • And much much more

Shopping App Special Feature

  • Consultant Finder
  • Unicorn Finder
  • Popup Sale Finder
  • Sizing Chart
  • And much much more
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