About Rozie

Welcome to Rozie (pronounced ROW-ZEE)

Rozie is a professional shopping platform carefully designed to mimic the standard compliant Facebook group sale format used by most consultants.


Rozie Componenents

There are three main components that make up the Rozie Platform


Rozie - The Shopping App

Rozie Pro - Consultant's Tools  (This website + Consultant's App)

Rozie Analytics - Cloud Computing / Data Analysis


Together these work seamlessly to provide both the consultant and their followers a fast, convenient and care-free experience like never before


Our Advantage

Rozie is able to save the consultant valuable time and and effort by eliminating the repetitive work required to host an online sale on Facebook

01. Our History

Rozie was created in response to the ever growing set of challenges that all consultants are facing today

02. Our Goal

To provide the consultant community with the most innovative and effective tools available on the market

03. Our Mission

To help each consultant grow their business and achieve their professional goals easier and faster than ever before

Who We Are

The idea for Rozie was born in response to the increasing time and effort required to manage temporary online group sales.  A decreasing # shoppers, looking at the same stale inventory, coupled with the ever increasing fear of being put in Facebook Jail signaled a time for a change.


Rozie is the temporary online sale re-imagined.  In addition to the traditional sales features that you are familiar with, you will find that Rozie provides additional value to both the consultant and shopper that help increase sales, save time, and make the online sales process easier than ever before.  


This is just the beginning.  There are many new and exciting shopping features and consultant tools on the way that you could never have dreamed of before Rozie.  We look forward to having you join us on this exciting and unfolding journey.